June 2020

Has workplace diversity and inclusion become casualties of coronavirus?

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Those who successfully steered their companies through the financial meltdown of 2008 say the coronavirus crisis has been far trickier to handle. The crash was universal and mainly about money. Coronavirus’ tendrils extend deep into the heart of almost every business and its impact is way more capricious.

Moving Beyond Diversity Toward Racial Equity

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As protests sweep the United States, it’s clear that returning to “business as usual” will not be good for business. In just a few days, countless companies that don’t talk about racism publicly have spoken out to condemn racism and police brutality.

To Improve Workplace Diversity, Undo Workplace Racism

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I’ve participated in many panels on diversity and inclusion. I will participate in many more, and gladly. But D&I — as we tend to call it — brings with it some risks: it mutes the tragic reality that the reason we can’t improve D&I is the same reason the country is in upheaval right now.