4 Ways To Incorporate Diversity Into Your Workplace

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4 Ways To Incorporate Diversity Into Your Workplace

Sep 06, 2019

“We have made progress over the last half-century in terms of diversity and inclusion. … But the work is far from done.”

“Because we’ve always done it that way.” That phrase is the death of innovation. America is more diverse than it’s ever been before, a trend that the U.S. Census Bureau says is on the rise. Yet, across the U.S., companies are struggling to build a more diverse workforce.

We pass diverse candidates every day — on the street, at the train station, in the parking lot. But accessing them is a much different thing. Time and time again, recruiters and human resource professionals depend on standard methods for talent acquisition and hope for different results. They recruit on campuses at the same elite universities; they utilize online application software to screen for “the right” backgrounds, i.e., cookie-cutter backgrounds; and they trust their guts when assessing culture fit. We know workplace diversity can boost our bottom line, but we’re also aware that utilizing the same tired approaches isn’t yielding results.

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