Bulgarian Diversity Charter Expands Membership with NGOs and Universities

The Bulgarian Diversity Charter has seen a remarkable expansion in 2024, welcoming a diverse array of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and universities committed to fostering diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI). This growth marks a significant step forward in the collective efforts to promote an inclusive culture across various sectors in Bulgaria.

NGOs and educational institutions play a pivotal role in fostering inclusive environments and driving societal change. Their expertise in community engagement, research, and advocacy complements the efforts of businesses to create more equitable workplaces. By joining the Bulgarian Diversity Charter, these organizations are poised to work closely with the private sector, sharing resources, knowledge, and best practices. This cooperation is crucial for achieving successful DEI outcomes, as it ensures a comprehensive approach that addresses the needs of all stakeholders.


Education institutions

AUBG LOGO 2005 rectangle

The American University in Bulgaria is the first academic organisation that signed the Bulgarian Diversity Charter. It welcomes a vibrant community representing over 50 countries, creating a dynamic and multicultural environment. The campus fosters mutual respect, understanding, and collaboration among students, faculty, and staff from diverse cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds.

We are proud to have Sofia University „Saint Kliment Ohridski“, the oldest higher education institution in Bulgaria, in our network.  As a leading academic institution, Sofia University brings its commitment to diversity and inclusion into the educational sphere. The university aims to integrate DEI principles into its curricula and campus culture.

Applied Education Academy “Sindeo” offers training and development programs that emphasize inclusivity and equal opportunity. Their collaboration with the Charter will help develop more comprehensive DEI training initiatives.


Trust for Social Achievement is an NGO that focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty through education, family economic success, and early childhood development. Their inclusion in the Charter will bolster initiatives aimed at creating equal opportunities for all.

JAMBA – Career For All is dedicated to providing career opportunities for people with disabilities. Their membership in the Charter will enhance efforts to build an inclusive workforce that values diverse abilities and talents.

Senior Careers focuses on creating job opportunities for older adults, promoting age diversity in the workplace. Their participation in the Charter aligns with efforts to combat age discrimination and support lifelong employability.

Mom Got a Job Foundation  supports mothers returning to the workforce, advocating for flexible work arrangements and career development opportunities. Joining the Charter will help expand initiatives that support work-life balance and gender equality.

The Bulgarian Diversity Charter will continue to provide a platform for its members to collaborate, share insights, and develop effective DEI strategies. As more NGOs and universities join the Charter, the collective impact on promoting diversity and inclusion in Bulgaria is expected to grow significantly, benefiting both the business community and society as a whole.

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