European Diversity Month

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Let’s build a more inclusive society together

The month of May marks European Diversity Month across the EU. We’re calling on companies and organisations across Europe to join forces with us, the European Commission, to shine a spotlight on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in society by organising events and activities throughout May.

Building bridges in 2022

This year’s theme is building bridges. Building bridges between organisations and areas of inclusion and diversity policy (race, gender, age, etc.).

We want to encourage you to build partnerships with NGOs, governmental institutions, other companies or civil society to work together to promote diversity. We would also like you to build bridges between the different aspects of diversity and make sure that your policies and activities are more intersectional.

Get involved

This is your organisation’s chance to take a stand and promote diversity and inclusion. Organise activities or events during the month of May: promote your company’s diversity and inclusion policies to staff at workshops or on social media with #EUDiversityMonth for example. Why not use this month as a springboard to develop new initiatives to take your company forward?

Read more at: the EU Diversity 2022 website