Europe’s diversity gap can only be solved with proper data

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When it comes to ethnicity and gender nonbinary diversity, Europe has a massive problem: the data doesn’t exist.

In the startup space, the vast majority of diversity data is about gender diversity, mostly binary.

said Matteo Renoldi, Impact Specialist at Dealroom, a Dutch data provider on startups, investment activities and overall tech ecosystems in Europe and around the globe. “Of course, there are many more elements to diversity than just gender. Ethnicity is a very important one.”

This data gap has huge consequences for Europe’s burgeoning startup ecosystem, which is estimated to be worth $3tn according to a European Startups report and makes up 43% of European job growth. That’s a huge chunk of money that ethnically diverse and gender nonbinary founders and talent could be missing out on — and data is key in pushing these conversations forward.

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