How To Measure The ROI Of Diversity Programs

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How To Measure The ROI Of Diversity Programs

December 21, 2018

One of the most challenging aspects of diversity and inclusion (D&I) is being able to quantify the value of a program or training that has been implemented in the workplace.
When assessing D&I practices, it is important to first understand where the organization is at, from the starting point. D&I is extremely vast, so narrowing down which areas your organization should focus on will help when implementing or improving D&I practices.
After a detailed investigation of D&I culture has been conducted, you must then figure out where improvements can be made.
After you have identified all of the areas of improvement, there must be a consensus regarding how to quantify and measure incremental changes.
After D&I strategies have been implemented, how will you measure changes along the way? The end destination and goal attainment are central but there should also be a way to evaluate progress at each step along the process.
If, for example, your goal is the shift the organizational culture, that can take a long time, maybe even years. Within those years, how will you measure progress and success? Determining how to quantify abstract concepts like a sense of belonging, inclusion and culture shift will allow you to assess.

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