International Panel on Inclusive and Neutral Communication

The Bulgarian Diversity Charter and several of its signatories actively participated in an online discussion on neutral and inclusive communication in the workplace on 5 December 2023. The event was organized under the NICE (Neutral and Inclusive Communication in Corporate Environments) initiative and brought together business and civic organizations from Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, and Lithuania. Hosted by Diversity Charter Greece, the international panel marked a collaborative effort to discuss and advance inclusive communication practices.

The NICE partners initiated the discussion by presenting their current achievements and progress in developing innovative training materials. Participants had the opportunity to engage in lectures and discussions covering diverse topics. Sofia Lyateva, representing the GLAS Foundation and Work it OUT Platform in Bulgaria, highlighted strategies for the inclusion of LGBTIQA+ employees, drawing from personal experiences gained through numerous training sessions delivered to Bulgarian companies.

Kotryna Sipko, a representative from the Lithuanian NGO ‘Mental Health Perspective,’ provided an informative overview of various mental health conditions. Emphasizing both visible and invisible aspects of psychological disorders, she addressed the stigma surrounding mental health and shared effective practices for empathy and understanding.

Luiza Banyai, an HR expert and People & Business Transformation Advisor at DREAMBUILDERS.TEAM, shared inspiring insights from her professional experience, sparking a lively discussion. The final speaker, May Zanni, Co-Founder & President of Women Act in Greece, presented the origin and growth of the initiative, along with good practices for fostering female leadership.

The event’s second part facilitated an open discussion, allowing participants to contribute insights, viewpoints, and knowledge. Findings from national panel discussions regarding the preferred format and framework of NICE training were presented and verified at the international level. Both national and international panel discussions provided invaluable information about needs and desired outcomes from the upcoming NICE training.


The Bulgarian Diversity Charter gives special thanks to all participants from Bulgaria who joined the event!