NICE Reports in the Spotlight: Interview with the Bulgarian Diversity Charter by BNR

On October 25th, the Bulgarian Diversity Charter presented the newly published reports, From Words to Actions: Enhancing Inclusive Communication in the Workplace Report, and Inclusive Communication in the Workplace: Bulgaria 2023 Report in an interview with Radio Sofia at the Bulgarian National Radio.

During the interview, Maria Stoyanova, the author, provided an overview of the NICE program and highlighted some of the major findings from the six-month study that formed the basis for both the national and comparative reports. She emphasized that the issue of neutral and inclusive communication in professional environments is still unfamiliar and confusing to many actors. Moreover, the research did not find specific regulations or policies at the government level in any of the examined countries—Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, and Lithuania. Nevertheless, the existing legislation for gender equality and non-discrimination in the workplace provides a sufficient basis for adopting dedicated measures fostering inclusive communication practices. Stoyanova also pointed out that the business and civil society sectors are the main drivers for such initiatives in Bulgaria and the other countries included in the study.

You can listen the full interview here.

Photo: Radio Sofia