NSI report on Gender equality in leadership and decision making in Bulgaria

The National Statistical Institute (NSI) presented a report with the results of a pilot study on equal participation of women and men in leadership and decision-making processes in Bulgaria. The survey “Gender Equality in Governance 2021” covered 22,163 senior and middle management positions in the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government and in other autonomous structures outside them. According to the NSI, 68.8% of the highest management level positions (e.g. Minister, President, Governor, Director General, etc.) are held by men. Women are best represented at the level of “deputy head”, occupying 41.1% of this category of positions. 

In the state-owned enterprises and commercial companies with majority state participation, men occupy 72.5% of the leadership positions, and women 27.5% respectively. In terms of institutions in the three branches of government, women hold the highest relative share of senior positions in the judiciary – 53%, followed by the executive branch, where the share is 35.2%, and are least represented in the legislature, where women hold 24.2% of decision-making positions. There is a more balanced participation of women and men in the leadership of higher education institutions and scientific organizations, where the relative share of leadership positions is held by 52.2% men and 47.8% of women.



The electronic report is available on the NSI website