The Gender Factor: More Women in ICT will Enable the EU to Reach the 2030 Digital Decade Targets

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The future of work is already here. The pandemic, along with ensuing containment measures, has revealed what many forward-leaning organisations have already known. Work can change for the better. Professional environments can be more flexible and inclusive. Expanding the use of online platforms can facilitate enriching opportunities for staff to interact with colleagues across an ocean. Companies can reinvest cost-savings into career development opportunities for staff. Moreover, conventional views on how, when, and where people work and perform their duties must also change. This irreversible shift is visible within large enterprises, SMEs, NGOs, and in the home offices of independent entrepreneurs. Use of new technologies, online platforms, along with increased digital literacy, will ensure that more people have opportunities to participate in the labour market and find meaningful work.

Green and digital ‘twin transitions’ will remain among the top priorities of organisations across industries and sectors.

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