The importance of inclusion and diversity to the workplace

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The importance of inclusion and diversity to the workplace

August 30, 2019

With inclusion and diversity continuing to be of importance to employees, Instant Offices gives a breakdown on how companies can be more responsible when it comes to key social issues

By 2025, millennials (generation Y) will make up approximately 75% of the worldwide, occupying a growing number of leadership roles in the workplace. 74% of this generation also believe that their workplace is more innovative when the culture is more inclusive.

Around half of all millennial jobseekers are prioritising a culture of diversity and inclusion when choosing prospective employers with the following being some of the key issues that matter most:


Research from Engagement Labs shows a boost to both the online and offline metrics for brands who are actively promoting support for the LGBTQ+ community; indicating how consumers are responding positively to companies that they view as being more progressive and embracing diversity.


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