The most sustainable companies in the world

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The most sustainable companies in the world

January 23rd 2017

The German industrial conglomerate Siemens heads the Corporate Knights 2017 Ranking.

The past 2016 was the second warmest in history, while topics such as high manager pay and the guaranteeing of workplace diversity gained even more popularity in the day-to-day affairs of business around the world. Upon that backdrop it is curious to see which companies afford most effort to the sustainable development on their organisations, Forbes writes. Since 2005 the Toronto-based research firm Corporate Knights ranks the 100 most sustainable companies in the world.

The ranking chart is based on publicly accessible data with the companies being assessed on the basis of 14 key indicators, measuring their resource, finances and employee management. The research effort has included around 4000 companies with market valuation of no less than 2 billion dollars.


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