Discover the Power of Diversity at Work: Join Our Webinar!

The Bulgarian Diversity Charter is excited to announce the upcoming Diversity at Work webinar which will spotlight the best corporate practices. The inspiring event will provide a platform for the promotion of successful corporate practices and will kick-start the forthcoming European Diversity Month 2024.  This month-long celebration aims to champion equality, acceptance and inclusion in workplaces and the society at large in all EU member states. 

Esteemed speakers at the webinar will include the champions of the Divesity@Work award for 2023. They will showcase the successful projects and initiatives that earned them recognition from the jury of this category of the Responsible Business Awards, organised by the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF). Yettel Bulgaria will share insights from their extensive experience in implementing programmes and initiatives aimed at creating an inclusive working environment, which secured them the first prize in the competition. IBM Bulgaria, which ranked second, will demonstrate how a local initiative can evolve into a cross-border movement, exemplified by their RiseUp Women Leadership Accelerator. Paysafe Bulgaria will present their best practices for fostering a culture of inclusiveness, tolerance and belonging among employees, clients and partners. The webinar will allow the participants to join the conversation by asking questions and sharing their experiences!

Join the Diversity at Work webinar on 2 April 2024. We start at 10:00! 


Who may participate? The event is tailored for  DEI experts, communications and human resources managers of BBLF member companies, existing and potential signatories of the Bulgarian Diversity Charter. Additionally, individuals from the public, private, and NGO sectors who have an interest in diversity, equity, and inclusion are welcome to join.

How to join? To participate, please register in advance by sending an email to Our team will send you confirmation, agenda and invitation link.

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