The report “Inclusive communication in the workplace: Bulgaria 2023” offers the first comprehensive overview of the use of neutral and inclusive language within the workplace context in Bulgaria. The report examines the national framework, including relevant legislation, policies, and initiatives from public authorities, companies, and NGOs. Additionally, it delves into the current state of inclusive communication in Bulgaria through survey analysis, shedding light on local perceptions and attitudes towards diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Finally, the report highlights promising practices that promote inclusive language within Bulgarian enterprises, providing valuable insights and recommendations for fostering a more inclusive work environment. This publication is part of the NICE (Neutral and Inclusive Communication in Corporate Environments) initiative. 

The report “Diversity management in Bulgaria: perceptions, practices and expectations” is a part of a series of studies which assess the state of play and future perspectives of diversity management in Bulgaria. This report provides a needs assessment of the local business community in relation to diversity management and diversity strategy at company and at national (collective) level in Bulgaria. The report covers the following issues: overall level of awareness on diversity management among local businesses, their perceptions of diversity as a concept, their internal diversity policies and practices, and their expectations as to the launch and implementation of a national Diversity Charter.

The report “Diversity management in Bulgaria: politico-legal prerequisites and self-regulation” provides an overview of the main regulatory, policy, and institutional parameters that impact on diversity management on the labour market in Bulgaria. Four principal thematic domains are examined: equality, non-discrimination and social inclusion; equality and equal opportunities for men and women and persons with different gender identity and/or sexual orientation; equality and equal opportunities for those belonging to an ethnic minority; and equality and equal opportunities for persons with disabilities. The report reviews the national legislation in each respective domain, as well as relevant international agreements and standards, and directives and strategic documents of the European Union.

The report “Diversity Charters in the European Union” conducts a comparative overview of the existing Diversity Charters to facilitate the work on drafting the Bulgarian Diversity Charter. The overview outlines the common practices as well as the innovative approaches, implemented by other EU Member States. The review examines the texts of other Diversity Charters, the initiatives of Diversity Charter promoters, the dissemination channels used to promote their activities and the funding schemes used to maintain their sustainable operation.


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