Use the EU Diversity Self-Assessment Tool to see where your organisation currently stands, if you are a Diversity Champion, Pioneer, Explorer or Beginner and to begin to explore how you might make further progress on this journey.

Self-assessment tool

The Diversity Self-Assessment Tool evaluates your organisation’s effectiveness in handling diversity and its commitment to creating an inclusive environment that values employee differences. It tests your organisation’s diversity management and the extent to which adaptable work arrangements have been integrated to meet the needs of your diverse staff and enhance their contributions.

Use our Diversity Self-Assessment Tool to determine your standing: Diversity Champion, Pioneer, Explorer, or Beginner. This tool is suitable for employers in both public and private sectors, irrespective of their size. Results are confidential and provide an approximate indication. The assessment lasts 20-30 minutes, and you’ll receive your results via email.

Fill out the Diversity Self-Assessment Tool here


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