Why diversity and inclusion must become a ‘critical business priority’
20 October 2020, 12:25
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted a series of “crisis points” across society — from balancing working...
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How Google addresses all dimensions of workplace diversity: Gender parity, sexual orientation, disability, and more
15 October 2020, 12:20
Anny Tampling, Regional Market HR Director, Google APAC, on how to foster an inclusive environment for every Googler, be it in terms...
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Bulgarian Diversity Charter Launched
28 September 2020, 12:03
The Bulgarian Diversity Charter was launched at a high-profile event in Sofia on 18 September 2020...
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More Action on Diversity and Inclusion, Employees Demand
16 September 2020, 10:40
Almost half (46%) of Britain’s workforce think their employer could do more when it comes to diversity, with 58% of employees from...
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Leaders must commit to change if diversity is to work
16 September 2020, 10:40
After more than three decades spent observing or participating in the hiring process in journalism and higher education, a simple truth has...
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Everyone benefits from Workplace Diversity, not just minority candidates
16 September 2020, 10:39
The Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce is pushing local businesses to increase the number of minority employees it has, from top to...
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Are Your D&I Efforts Helping Employees Feel Like They Belong?
20 August 2020, 11:07
Diversity brings many benefits to organizations — but it is not enough on its own. An organization with a diverse workforce is...
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Diversity will be a workplace deal-breaker for Gen Z, finds Intel
20 August 2020, 11:07
Amid the chaos of the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter has shaken perspectives on diversity in the workplace. Workplace diversity and inclusion...
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10 tech companies championing diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace
20 August 2020, 11:06
The corporate tech sector is notorious for its lack of diversity. According to U.S. Labor Department statistics ...
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Workplace Diversity: What Companies Need to Get Right, Right Now
20 July 2020, 10:24
It wasn’t that long ago that it would have been acceptable for an executive to make off-color jokes about minorities. This could be targeted at any number of marginalized groups.
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Can remote work really improve workplace diversity?
20 July 2020, 10:24
Many parents choose to live in areas that have the best schools. They research test scores and determine what district and neighborhood...
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Maintaining Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace During the COVID-19 Crisis
20 July 2020, 10:24
The current global health pandemic will likely change the way we incorporate diversity and inclusion (D&I) in our workplaces. We are living in unprecedented times and are in the midst of adjusting to a new normal of social distancing and economic uncertainty.
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Has workplace diversity and inclusion become casualties of coronavirus?
19 June 2020, 08:29
Those who successfully steered their companies through the financial meltdown of 2008 say the coronavirus crisis has been far trickier to handle. The crash was universal and mainly about money. Coronavirus’ tendrils extend deep into the heart of almost every business and its impact is way more capricious.
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Moving Beyond Diversity Toward Racial Equity
19 June 2020, 08:29
As protests sweep the United States, it’s clear that returning to “business as usual” will not be good for business. In just a few days, countless companies that don’t talk about racism publicly have spoken out to condemn racism and police brutality.
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To Improve Workplace Diversity, Undo Workplace Racism
19 June 2020, 08:29
I’ve participated in many panels on diversity and inclusion. I will participate in many more, and gladly. But D&I — as we tend to call it — brings with it some risks: it mutes the tragic reality that the reason we can’t improve D&I is the same reason the country is in upheaval right now.
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Current and ex-employees allege Google drastically rolled back diversity and inclusion programs
21 May 2020, 11:41
One well-liked diversity training program at Google called Sojourn was cut entirely, according to seven former and current employees. Google has significantly rolled back its diversity and inclusion initiatives in an apparent effort to avoid being perceived as anti-conservative, according to eight current and former employees.
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4 Ways to Embrace the Challenges of Diversity in the Workplace
21 May 2020, 11:41
The workplace of today is a multifaceted environment, with people from every walk of life. Most business leaders agree that diversity in...
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This crisis is a chance at diversity and inclusion progress. Here’s how to keep your workplace moving forward
21 May 2020, 11:41
The global health crisis is shaking up the normal ways of work and upending “business as usual” behaviours. Take advantage of the...
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Creating A Workplace Culture of Belonging, Diversity and Inclusivity
21 April 2020, 11:26
I have lived and worked in many unique places around the world and have directly interacted with an even broader range of...
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Wunderman Thompson Boss: “Could V-19 Accelerate Diversity and Equality in the Workplace?”
21 April 2020, 11:26
In this guest post, Wunderman Thompson CEO John Gutteridge asks whether the current crisis might just help influence positive change in business....
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Research: U.S. Unemployment Rising Faster for Women and People of Color
21 April 2020, 11:26
The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the workforce hard. Jobless claims have reached 22 million, and the Federal Reserve estimates that up to...
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Calls for greater inclusion in all travel companies is championed by industry leaders
18 March 2020, 09:27
New whitepaper shows lack of clear leadership track holds back women from senior level jobs Fifty-four per cent of women make up...
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Three questions that will bring your workplace closer to gender equality
18 March 2020, 09:26
Corporate America has never faced more pressure to deliver social value. With waning public trust in our institutions and a newer generation...
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Osler Health earns workplace diversity award for 8th year
18 March 2020, 09:24
William Osler Health System has been named one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers 2020, marking its eighth consecutive year of recognition. Osler...
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Speaker offers new perspectives on workplace diversity
12 February 2020, 14:29
Diversity comes in many different forms not all of which are readily apparent. The importance of recognizing the broader aspects of workplace...
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Diversity and inclusion in the workplace
12 February 2020, 14:26
Mortgage brokerage Alexander Hall actively embraces a culture of diversity and inclusion, which resonates throughout the firm. Managing director Dominic Scott explains...
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Achieving Workplace Diversity Through Recruitment in Tech
12 February 2020, 14:23
To attract the best, we all need to spend some time developing strategies to improve diversity and excellence in recruiting. Every single...
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Top 5 diversity trends for 2020s
07 January 2020, 19:35
Top 5 diversity trends for 2020s January 30, 2020 At the verge of the new decade, some racial rows have sparked here
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Rijeka will be 'beacon of diversity' during Capital of Culture tenure says mayor
07 January 2020, 19:08
As well as Croatia taking its turn as president of the EU Council for the next six months, the country is also...
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Women in tech: “Diversity is mute without inclusion!”
07 January 2020, 18:54
Women in tech: “Diversity is mute without inclusion!” 30 December 2019 Women are underrepresented in the tech sector —myth or reality? Two
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Why Companies Should Add Class to Their Diversity Discussions
04 November 2019, 13:03
Most big companies today have diversity and inclusion programs focused on issues of race and gender in the workplace. But in these...
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When and Why Diversity Improves Your Board’s Performance
04 November 2019, 12:08
Evidence that board diversity benefits firms is mixed. A 2015 meta-analysis of 140 research studies of the relationship between female board representation...
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Changes to diversity and inclusion laws are coming in UK
04 November 2019, 11:32
The government is currently considering numerous changes to diversity and inclusion laws. These include the introduction of carers’ leave; a mandatory duty...
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Amazon uses diversity and inclusion to build business innovation
04 November 2019, 09:52
E-commerce giant Amazon champions diversity and inclusion not only as the right thing to do, but as a business decision aimed at...
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Real equality means inclusion at every level of your organization
04 November 2019, 09:42
The ethic of diversity and inclusion has become so important in the business world that it has its own jargon, including the...
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Using Diversity and Inclusion as a Source for Humanitarian Innovation
04 November 2019, 09:29
The scale and nature of the social issues humanitarians seek to address is ever-changing, making the ability to innovate a necessary core...
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3 Tips for Promoting Inclusion and Managing Diversity in the Workplace
04 November 2019, 09:18
Diversity and inclusion in the workplace provide a competitive advantage. But knowing that you need both in your workforce is not the...
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The Power Of Attention Diversity At Work
04 November 2019, 06:23
The great risk organizations face is that they create cultures that simply cannot see what they most need to see in order...
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How To Measure The ROI Of Diversity Programs
04 November 2019, 06:06
One of the most challenging aspects of diversity and inclusion (D&I) is being able to quantify the value of a program or...
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Tackling diversity and inclusion in the creative sector
03 November 2019, 15:43
An interview to Gaby Dutton-Williams, head of diversity & inclusion at Daniel Marks, about the importance of a truly inclusive workplace. As...
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Four Companies That Are Getting Diversity & Inclusion Right - And How They're Doing It
03 November 2019, 15:11
Companies are realizing (some more quickly than others) that focusing on total societal impact is fundamental to driving long-term financial success. One...
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Macy’s elevates diversity goals
03 November 2019, 14:01
Macy’s Inc, one of the largest U.S.A. department store chain founded in 1858, announced an extensive initiative to drive diversity and inclusion across its...
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The Other Diversity Dividend
03 November 2019, 08:43
Researchers have struggled to establish a causal relationship between diversity and financial performance—especially at large companies, where decision rights and incentives can...
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What It Will Take to Improve Diversity at Conferences
03 November 2019, 08:27
Too many speakers at events and conferences are white men. And while many organizers have done a good job bringing in more...
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June Sarpong smashes the glass ceiling as BBC appoints her first Director of Creative Diversity
03 November 2019, 08:13
The 42-year-old television broadcaster, writer and campaigner just became the BBC’s first ever Director of Creative Diversity and she will start in...
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The Dangers Of Mistaking Diversity For Inclusion In The Workplace
03 November 2019, 05:56
The article highlighted the myth of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ being synonymous concept and the dangers of not distinguishing the two. Gallup’s 2018...
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03 November 2019, 05:30
Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace are arguably two of the most highly discussed and debated topics in the HR and recruiting...
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Workforce diversity should matter as much as profits
03 November 2019, 05:06
The consideration of Shirley Leung, Globe Columnist, starts from the assumption (and the hope) that diversity statistics will become a new category...
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Balance in human diversity management is a business success strategy
02 November 2019, 17:18
In the last 20 years one of the main focuses of the business has been the achievement of a balance in human...
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Diversity in the workplace is the key to being more innovative
02 November 2019, 17:02
The notion that diversity in the workforce is about brand reputation or simply a compliance issue, rather than a massive business asset...
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Refinitiv launches 2019 edition of Diversity & Inclusion index
02 November 2019, 15:13
The 2019 edition of the Refinitiv Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) index suggests that the US, UK and Australia are the countries where...
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The Benefits Of Cultural Diversity In The Workplace
02 November 2019, 12:55
Business today is increasingly global, and that's not likely to change anytime soon. If your company's employees don't reflect this trend and represent...
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5 Ways to Become an Inclusive Leader
02 November 2019, 12:43
Being an inclusive leader isn't simply a matter of hiring people from diverse ethnic backgrounds and a range of genders. It's more...
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The Importance Of Having Diversity In The Workplace
02 November 2019, 12:29
Even though considering differing opinions and opposing points of view during a brainstorming session can be frustrating, the process almost always seems...
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The importance of inclusion and diversity to the workplace
02 November 2019, 11:17
With inclusion and diversity continuing to be of importance to employees, Instant Offices gives a breakdown on how companies can be more responsible...
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The benefits of diversity in the workplace
02 November 2019, 10:38
Experts agree that workplace diversity translates into significant benefits for businesses. Decision making, return on investment, entry into new markets, and innovation...
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4 Ways To Incorporate Diversity Into Your Workplace
01 November 2019, 16:38
“Because we’ve always done it that way.” That phrase is the death of innovation. America is more diverse than it’s ever been...
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Why and how diversity benefits the business
01 November 2019, 15:26
Companies working with diverse teams register 45% wider market share and close to 57% better cooperation between colleagues. Around 70% is the...
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Different together
01 November 2019, 14:36
The development of a diverse and inclusive working environment is not a novel topic, especially in the developed Western societies. In Bulgaria,...
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The most sustainable companies in the world
01 November 2019, 14:10
The past 2016 was the second warmest in history, while topics such as high manager pay and the guaranteeing of workplace diversity...
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Human resources are not a constant
01 November 2019, 13:47
From the onset, it is important that the company leaders have defined the values of the company so that they can locate...
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Practical Diversity Journey in Croatia, Romania and Slovenia
27 July 2019, 15:24
In April 2019 the I.D.E.A.S. (Inclusion. Diversity. Equality. Awareness. Success) Project, which is funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of...
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Campaign #FlaggefürVielfalt for more diversity
27 July 2019, 13:05
In times when diversity is called into question, as an employer initiative the German Diversity Charter saw it as even more her...
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7th German Diversity Day held on May 28th
27 July 2019, 12:58
On May 28th the 7th German Diversity Day will be held under the motto of #FlaggefürVielfalt (flag for diversity) to bring attention...
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Annual European Diversity Charters Conference celebrated 10th anniversary
27 July 2019, 12:45
On 16 May, the annual European Diversity Charters conference was held in Brussels, this time under the subtitle ‘United in Diversity –...
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Launch of the Greek Diversity Charter
27 July 2019, 12:35
In May 2019 the Greek Diversity Charter was launched by KEAN-Cell of Alternative Youth Activities in Zappeion Hall with the support of...
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Latvia launches diversity charter
27 July 2019, 12:23
Latvia launched its own diversity charter on 12 February 2019 with the association Open Centre to develop a respectful society and strengthen...
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Lithuania launches diversity charter as 22nd EU member stat
27 July 2019, 12:19
To contribute to ensuring equality and social inclusion at the workplace and in the society, Diversity Development Group and SOPA launched the...
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United in Diversity – a common challenge: EU Diversity Charters’ Annual Forum 2019
05 July 2019, 10:49
The European Commission is organising this year’s annual forum to promote diversity and inclusion at the workplace. Since the principle of equal...
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The bridge to business is through education
04 July 2019, 16:17
Unemployment among young Roma with university education is below 3% and is comparable to the level of unemployment among mainstream university graduates...
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Owners and senior managers have a leading role as leaders and inspiration for their own company and the industries
04 July 2019, 14:06
CSR AdviceBox and Junction Bulgaria presented the first of its kind research on the state of CSR in Bulgaria. The research was...
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