Refinitiv launches 2019 edition of Diversity & Inclusion index

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Refinitiv launches 2019 edition of Diversity & Inclusion index

16 September 2019

The 2019 edition of the Refinitiv Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) index suggests that the US, UK and Australia are the countries where most globally diverse and inclusive companies can be found.

Index constituents are rated based on Refinitiv’s ESG data, measuring some 7,000 companies representing 70% of global equity market capitalisation, across more than 400 data points. Launched in 2016, the D&I index ranks the top 100 publicly traded companies globally, as measured by 24 metrics across four categories that include ‘Diversity’, ‘Inclusion’, People Development’, and ‘News Controversies’. An index weighting is calculated according to metrics on how important individual companies are in the market and how they compare to peers.

This year’s edition of the index has found that the pharmaceutical companies rank well, with some 13 included in the index. Banking, investment services and insurance companies number 11; while some nine telecoms companies are present, along with seven household products and services companies.

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