3 Tips for Promoting Inclusion and Managing Diversity in the Workplace

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3 Tips for Promoting Inclusion and Managing Diversity in the Workplace

November 29, 2017

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace provide a competitive advantage. But knowing that you need both in your workforce is not the same as managing them.
As companies spend significant time, energy and resources on driving workplace diversity and inclusion, they look for leaders who embrace the differences in employees with effective diversity management. Even still, many leaders talk the talk when it comes to diversity and inclusion, but too few walk the walk. More than upholding ethical company policies and fostering a welcoming organizational culture, diversity in the workplace actually provides a competitive advantage.
Knowing that you need a diverse workforce is step one, but the real results come when you understand the details of managing diversity in the workplace. Leaders falter when they apply the same management style for every person on their team, which can negatively impact the company with low morale and high turnover rates.

The key to managing diversity in the workplace is adjusting your leadership style to people and situations. Race, age, gender, cultural backgrounds, education or any number of qualities that make your workforce unique combined with leaders who value the varying perspectives and talents create a dynamic, well-managed and high-performing team.
Focus on three strategies:
1. Connect with your employees;
2. Set collaborative expectations;
3. Keep giving feedback.
Promoting inclusion and managing diversity in an increasingly varied and multi-generational workplace requires an intentional commitment to diversity initiatives. Use these strategies to jumpstart your efforts, eventually leading to a more engaged, motivated and focused workforce where employees understand their individual and companywide value.

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