Diversity management

Diversity management

is the deliberate promotion and skillful utilisation of diversity within the workplace, with the aim of cultivating an environment that is both inclusive and impartial. This involves the implementation of strategic measures and initiatives to address ingrained biases, enhance consciousness, and establish avenues for individuals from diverse backgrounds to not only flourish but also contribute meaningfully. The overarching objective of diversity management is to advance parity and multiplicity within the professional sphere. This aspiration is realized through the integration of policies and strategies that are finely adjusted to the social, cultural, and ethnic diversity of the workforce.

The ensuing reports below offer a comprehensive evaluation of the local business landscape in Bulgaria, with a specific focus on the application of diversity practices. These reports lay the groundwork for the formulation and execution of a Diversity Charter in Bulgaria, which was introduced in the year 2020. Diversity Charters serve as pivotal instruments in fostering an all-encompassing atmosphere within workplaces. These charters are underpinned by the mission to cultivate a culture build on inclusion and reverence for the concept of diversity.

Research and publications

The report “Diversity management in Bulgaria: Perceptions, Practices and Expectations” is a part of a series of studies which assess the state of play and future perspectives of diversity management in Bulgaria. This report provides a needs assessment of the local business community in relation to diversity management and diversity strategy at company and at national (collective) level in Bulgaria. The report covers the following issues: overall level of awareness on diversity management among local businesses, their perceptions of diversity as a concept, their internal diversity policies and practices, and their expectations as to the launch and implementation of a national Diversity Charter.

The report “Diversity Management in Bulgaria: Politico-Legal Prerequisites and Self-Regulation” provides an overview of the main regulatory, policy, and institutional parameters that impact on diversity management in the workplace in Bulgaria. The existing legislation on countering discrimination and social exclusion and ensuring the rights of different social groups in Bulgaria provides prerequisites for promoting diversity management in the workplace.

In addition, the report delves into a comprehensive review of relevant approaches and initiatives that contribute to diversity management. This assessment serves as a foundational reference for establishing benchmarks of good practices concerning diversity management. It also highlights the Diversity Charter as an example of a flexible approach for self-regulation that meets the needs of both Transnational Corporations and small and medium enterprises. 



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