Inclusive communication

Inclusive communication

is the practice of communicating in a way that avoids discrimination, bias, or exclusion based on factors such as gender, race, age, or religion. It involves using language and behaviors that make all individuals feel valued, respected, and included, creating a more diverse and equitable workplace culture.

The NICE project

The initiative “Neutral and Inclusive Communcation in Cortporate Environments (NICE)” is implemented by the Bulgarian Diversity Charter in partnership with Diversity Charters from Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania and Romania. It’s official kick-off took place on March 16 with a partnership meeting hosted by the Centre for Social Innovation. The aim of the NICE initiative is to promote inclusive and tolerant working environments through the development of new and innovative training and capacity building programs for the Diversity Charter’s signatories. In addition, it seeks to generate meaningful outcomes, such as valuable resources, activities, and consolidated knowledge, which will augment existing diversity management strategies by incorporating policies that promote neutral and inclusive communication.

Research and publications



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