Blogpost: How Roma Can be Better Included in the Workplace

Full employment is one of the objectives set by the European Union. Yet, the Roma people still face obstacles in entering the labour market including but not limited to stereotypes, harassment and/or discriminationThis blog post is dedicated to practices for the inclusion of people of Roma ethnicity into Bulgarian workplaces.  

Roma inclusion in the Bulgarian workforce will shrink their unemployment rate, social isolation and inequality. D&I practices addressing Roma will contribute to increased appreciation of the Roma culture as part of European identity that celebrates multiculturalism and fundamental values. Additionally, the inclusion of Roma increases their incomes, improves their overall wellbeing, reduces poverty, and decreases their reliance on social assistance. 

To enhance the access of the Roma into the Bulgarian labour market and include them better in the workplace, the best practices for their professional inclusion should cover different stages of employment hiring, career growth, skill building, etc. This blogpost suggests nine promising practices implemented by companies around the world that could facilitate the professional inclusion of Roma.