Bulgarian Diversity Charter welcomed new signatories at the Annual Meeting

Bulgarian Diversity Charter held its annual meeting on 14 May at Hilton Sofia. The event brought together the local Diversity Charter community aimed to promote the importance and benefits of building diverse teams and inclusive workplaces where everyone feels valued and can thrive, and to foster the exchange contacts, experience and best practice.

At the meeting, new signatories received their membership certificates at a high-profile ceremony. CEOs and senior managers of more than 30 companies and organisations that signed the document over the past last year had the opportunity to share what motivates them to put equality and inclusion values to practice.

The event in Sofia attracted more than 90 representatives of different sectors: relevant public sector bodies, the business community, civil society organisations that recognize diversity as a key factor for innovation, growth and productivity, as well as for creating a fairer and inclusive social environment. 

Speakers included Lazar Lazarov, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ana Dzhumalieva, Chairperson of the Commission for Protection against Discrimination, and Dimitar Markov, Director of CSD’s Law Programme.

In his address, Deputy Minister Lazar Lazarov focused on the importance of making the policy on equality and investment in human capital an integral part of the code of ethics and philosophy of business. “The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy takes it as its vocation to provide legislative conditions and infrastructure to support the various stakeholders in this process. The Diversity Charter in Bulgaria creates conditions for social inclusion and equal opportunities for all Bulgarian citizens and proves that whenever state institutions, civil organisations and business stand together and share their experience, we can achieve some good results and create conditions for the full development of everyone’s potential,” he said.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ana Dzhumalieva, Chairperson of the Commission for Protection against Discrimination, pointed out the benefits of differences, which have become particularly visible in today’s global competitive environment that requires adaptability, ingenuity and resilience.

Dimitar Markov, Director of the Law Programme of the CSD, pointed out the partnership and support the public sector has demonstrated ever since the very beginning of the initiative.

“Being a responsible business network, we at BBLF are aware that the inclusion of all talents is vital for innovation, development and success, and we are delighted that this concept is shared by a growing number of companies that we welcome to the Diversity Charter today,” BBLF Chair  Levon Hampartzoumian said

More than 30 Bulgarian and international companies and organisations have become signatories over the past year

The following companies and NGOs received their membership certificates in the Bulgarian Diversity Charter at the high-profile event: Advanced Management Consulting; Agency for Control of Outstanding Debts; American University in Bulgaria; Applied Education Academy Sindeo; Cognyte; Digital Technology Center Commerzbank AG Sofia; Entain Services (Bulgaria); InterImage; Investbank; Kamenitza; Kaufland Bulgaria; Kiflab; Lindstrom; Maria’s World Foundation; Matter; Mum Got a Job Foundation; National Electric Company; Senior Careers Foundation; Sensata Technologies Bulgaria; Social Future Foundation; Stray Sheep; Taulia Bulgaria; Trust for Social Achievement; Yettel Bulgaria; Zentiva.

Welcome to the Bulgarian Diversity Charter family!

This is how the Bulgarian Charter celebrated the European Diversity Month 2024 – a celebration of equality and respect in the workplace and society, which takes place in May in the EU countries, bringing together all 27 national Charters and their more than 18,000 member organisations.