Five strategies for keeping diversity and inclusion a priority

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It’s often the case that during a period of mass disruption or crisis, we recognize how resilient we are and how we can adapt quickly. When it comes to the workplace, covid-19 has tested both our resilience and adaptability. Working in travel we have had to pivot quickly, supporting our customers and travellers as they navigate a rapidly changing environment and take steps to rebuild our industry.

Now, I believe that leaders across my industry and others need to apply this same creativity to tackle the enduring challenges that surround workplace diversity and inclusion (D&I).

For me, a core learning from the past 18 months is that we need to challenge inequalities in the workforce if we are to build more enduring, resilient, and sustainable organizations. But how should we do it?

A diverse workforce and an inclusive culture are a business imperative.

The case for D&I has always been clear. Not only is building a diverse and inclusive workplace the right thing to do, but it is a business imperative too.

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