Human resources are not a constant

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Human resources are not a constant

July 10th 2019

Vesi Tasheva, consultant for the management of human diversity and employee inclusion, speaks for “Karieri”

What are the most efficient ways of achieving human workplace diversity in Bulgaria?

From the onset, it is important that the company leaders have defined the values of the company so that they can locate a befitting spot for Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) within them. Secondly, they have to effectively communicate to their employees and associates why Diversity & Inclusion is a key factor. For instance, when a company has a diverse team, the penetration of new markets is much easier. It is also true that when different points of view exist in the workplace, conformist thinking is naturally avoided and innovations happen with less difficulty. When the organization is larger, it is beneficial to have an employee exclusively dealing with D&I who can ensure that processes, policies and practices for the creation of equality of opportunity for all candidates and employees are put in place.

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