Join the EU Platform of Diversity Charters webinar “Embracing inclusive workplaces – win for all”

In rapidly changing global environment, companies are faced with various challenges, such as adapting to future of work, accelerating digital transformation, finding and retaining talent and slowing economies. Embracing diversity and inclusion can help companies find solutions to these challenges by bringing additional skills, ideas and perspectives. This will have direct economic benefits to the organisation, its innovation and growth. But it’s not only win for the companies, by nurturing diversity and inclusion, the employees feel higher sense of belonging and engagement, which positively impacts their creativity and innovation.

Join us at the webinar “Embracing inclusive workplaces – win for all” organised by the EU Platform of Diversity Charters as part of the EU Diversity Month.

Experts from across Europe will gather together to learn from the latest research by McKinsey & Company on Ethnocultural minorities in Europe: A potential triple win“. Speakers from McKinsey & Company will share insights on how greater inclusion of ethnocultural minorities could fill talent gaps and spur company growth, and discuss with companies, where diversity and inclusion are part of organisational values.

We’ll be learning about data collection and self-identification surveys; inclusive recruitment; and overall inclusion initiatives. 

30 May 2024, 14:30 – 16:00 CET

Register here to take part in the webinar. Registration will be open until 29 May 2024.