Real equality means inclusion at every level of your organization

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  • 4 November, 201930 September, 2020

Real equality means inclusion at every level of your organization

October 2, 2019

The ethic of diversity and inclusion has become so important in the business world that it has its own jargon, including the acronym “D&I.” But while certainly a worthy path for every organization, D&I does not encompass the ultimate goal we should all seek: equality. So, let’s call it DE&I instead.
It’s an important distinction. Under D&I alone, an organization typically strives for better representation of different races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and ages in its overall workforce. With DE&I, all departments and teams are diverse—including the leadership team, which is often disproportionately white and male even at companies with decent diversity track records elsewhere in their organization.
A successful DE&I program takes real work, not just a commitment: organizations have to develop and implement actionable solutions based on evidence. Accurate, consistent metrics must become the guides in all hires and promotions, and also actively seek to attract diverse talent to work at our company. They have to support diversity, equality, and inclusion programs in the community and in the marketplace.

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