Start of European Diversity Month 2023

For the fourth year the month of May marks EU Diversity Month across European Union member states. For the fourth time, organisations small and big, private and public, local authorities, NGOs, schools and so on join the European Commission to shine a spotlight on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in society by organising events and activities throughout May.

This year’s EU Diversity Month was launched in late April in Brussels with two high-profile hybrid events organised by the European Commission and the EU Platform of Diversity Charters of which the Bulgarian Diversity Charter* is a proud member.

In addition to Helena Dalli, the Commissioner for Equality, Věra Jourová, Vice President for Values and Transparency, Ana Gallego, Director General for Justice and Consumers, and Irena Moozova, Director for Equality and Union Citizenship, business leaders, local authorities and experts joined the discussions.

On 27 April the winners of the second  European Capitals of Inclusion and Diversity Awards were announced at a ceremony where they shared their commitment and work for a more inclusive Europe motivating and encouraging everyone in the room and online. The competition is open to all local authorities in the EU who are building fairer societies by promoting diversity and inclusion and aims at recognizing their effort in building an environment where everyone feels safe and fulfils their potential. Congratulations to all the winners! Do check them out here.

On 28 April EU Diversity Month 2023 opened with informative, thought provoking and inspiring personal stories, good practice sharing sessions and panel discussions on topical issues: how organisations can be more welcoming to non-binary persons, why our diverse society isn’t still fully represented in our organisations, what the cost of exclusion for organisations and society at large is, why only a fraction of organisations measure diversity.

Bulgarian Diversity Charter represented by BBLF and CSD along with this year’s Diversity at Work award winner Lidl Bulgaria were pleased to attend both events. Those two days of emotional speeches, personal testimonies and inspiring discussions motivated us to continue the work for more equitable, inclusive and diverse workplaces and societies, where everyone feels they belong and thrive.

Assessing diversity and inclusion

This year, we invite all organisations to put the assessment of diversity and inclusion into the spotlight and to ask themselves: Do our diversity policies work? Do we know our employee mix? Are we open to all diverse talents? Are our policies and strategies supporting us in creating respectful, empowering and inspiring environments for everyone? This year, EU Diversity Month opened with an invitation to take part in the EU Diversity Self-Assessment Tool.

EU Diversity Self-Assessment Tool

Diversity is good for staff and for business. Staff feel welcome and valued and companies become more inclusive and can tap into a wider talent pool and boost innovation.

How well does your organisation manage diversity? Here is a chance to find out. Are you actively creating a welcoming environment for all your employees and respecting their differences? Do you promote workplace diversity in recruitment and career progression? Have you put flexible working arrangements in place to meet needs that are specific to the diversity of your staff and enable them to contribute fully and to the best of their ability?

Use the EU Diversity Self-Assessment Tool to see where your organisation currently stands, if you are a Diversity Champion, Pioneer, Explorer or Beginner and to begin to explore how you might make further progress on this journey. Before you use the Tool check any existing diversity or related workplace policies so that you can give an accurate picture of the steps you have already taken.
The tool is for employers in the public and private sectors and for organisations big and small. Results of the tool are indicative only and all information is confidential. The assessment takes 20-30 minutes and you’ll receive an email with your results.

Get involved

This is your organisation’s chance to take a stand and promote diversity and inclusion. Organise activities or events during the month of May: promote your company’s diversity and inclusion policies to staff at workshops or on social media with #EUDiversityMonth for example. Why not use this month as a springboard to develop new initiatives to take your company forward?

Map your contribution to a more equal Europe​

Secure visibility for your efforts by including them on our map of events and activities taking place in May. It takes five minutes and can be done in your own language.

If you want more advice or want to join like-minded organisations who are pushing the boundaries of diversity and inclusion in workplaces all over the EU then contact Bulgarian Diversity Charter.