The Benefits Of Cultural Diversity In The Workplace

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The Benefits Of Cultural Diversity In The Workplace

Sep 13, 2019

Business today is increasingly global, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. If your company’s employees don’t reflect this trend and represent cultural diversity, your business may be very much behind the times.

I coach professionals on group effectiveness, and many years ago, several of the corporate entities I worked with were cookie-cutter examples of uniformity. Executive positions and the majority of management positions were held by white men in expensive business suits. Their teams also tended to reflect that demographic, with perhaps a few women sprinkled in — again, mostly white. I’m pleased to say that slowly, over time, that has ceased to be the case.

Now, I increasingly work with diverse groups of executives and managers who have come to understand that cultural diversity in the workplace is a valuable commodity. Through education and a greater grasp of cultural competence (an evolving developmental process that encourages the increasing awareness of and respect for the interpersonal styles, beliefs, languages and customs of those from cultures other than our own), many corporations are evolving into multinational melting pots.

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