To Improve Workplace Diversity, Undo Workplace Racism

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To Improve Workplace Diversity, Undo Workplace Racism

14 June, 2020

I’ve participated in many panels on diversity and inclusion. I will participate in many more, and gladly. But D&I — as we tend to call it — brings with it some risks: it mutes the tragic reality that the reason we can’t improve D&I is the same reason the country is in upheaval right now. Recruiting, Hiring, Promotions and Development all suffer from the same national virus — the other virus — and that’s racism.

I’m calling us out on this, because that’s the way to fix it. We need to fix it, and that means being more direct. The truth is, you’re not going to see a major HR conference with a presentation on “Fixing Racist Hiring Practices.” You’re not going to see too many posts by thought leaders on exactly why bias is so hard to undo. We tend to filter everything through an aspirational lens.

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