Why and how diversity benefits the business

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Why and how diversity benefits the business

June 18th 2018

Employees in diverse teams and in companies open to differences are more successful, more productive and more loyal

Companies working with diverse teams register 45% wider market share and close to 57% better cooperation between colleagues. Around 70% is the likelihood of success for those companies when entering new markets, while their ability to sustain current talent stock rises by 19%.

Those are some of the conclusions emphasized by Dimitrina Vasileva, head of “Diversity and Inclusion” for Central and Southeastern Europe at “EY Bulgaria”, during the “Diversity works” forum, organized together with the “Open Society Institute” Foundation – Sofia with the “Bridge to Business” programme, the GLAS Foundation with the Work It Out platform, the Bulgarian Women’s Fund, the “Zaslushay se” Foundation, and the “Social Future” Foundation with the JAMBA platform.

The meeting was the first in a series of events, during which NGOs and business representatives will lend a helping hand to each-other in gaining insights and sharing know-how with respect to effective methods, instruments and strategies for the creation of a more open, tolerant and inclusive company culture and working environment for all types of employees, regardless of their sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender identity and physical capabilities.

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